Marathon Training In Review

Marathon Group

What an incredible marathon training season!  So many of our training group athletes completing their first marathons and half marthons as well as many veterans setting new PR’s in these events!  Wow!  Who knew when this marathon training program started many months ago that such unbelieveable resultscould be achieved!


Having participated in numerous training programs over the years I can honestly say that this has been one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had.  Great finishing times aside, this group was a testiment to positive energy.  As this is a program for an exceptional distance, many workouts are challenging (and should be), however the “can-do” attitudes of everyone in the group from day one is something I’ll always cherish.

Unlike the marathon training session of 2011, which was geared towards the Savannah Marathon, this session was custon tailored to any fall half or full marathon of the athlete’s choosing (and for some brave individuals, both!).  We saw runners competing in Savannah, Marine Corps, Space Coast, Disney and several others including as far away as Canada!  Incredible!


Of course this could not have been possible without the strong support of Fleet Feet’s entire staff including the impecable coaching by Dan Pacheco and Adam Alexander.  Their years of running and training experience as well as their energy levels were contagious.  Add to this that the needs and expectations of every athlete were personally met no matter when the big race day was scheduled.  I’m truly humbled to beas fortunate as I have been to train with this group, staff and coaches.  My one wish is that others will attend a future Fleet Feet training group to help them achieve their goals and to truly experience what so many have already enjoyed.  The only limitations are the ones we place upon ourselves.

Congratulations again to everyone participating this year and I look forward to running with you all for many years to come!

George Meerdo
Contributing writer to the Local Running Scene

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