Hoka Bondi B?s helped me run again pain free

I broke in my new Hoka One One Bondi Bs today with a 7 mile run.  In a word:  WOW!

Thank you Chris for the expert FIT analysis and suggesting the Hokas as an option.  After a couple years running in a higher stability and higher drop Brooks, my gait has improved so I can now wear a more neutral shoe – and the Bondi Bs fit the bill will still offering some stability.  I had mine tricked out with the new Carbon Superfeet, which seemed to combine well with what can only be described as a massive shock-absorbing sole on the Hokas.  M_Bondi2_AnthraciteGreyYellow__89534.1376542769.1280.1280The first thing I noticed was how soft the Bondi Bs felt on hard surfaces like concrete and brick pavers.  Normally I don’t like running on hard surfaces, because of the impact on my joints.  But the Bondis just ate up the road and cushioned my knees and hips regardless of the surface.  I’ve been having some right side patellar tendon and plantar issues, and the Bondi’s more or less eliminated them.  The toe box has lots of volume, even with the Superfeet, so my toes and forefoot could really relax.  And they’re light – even with that massive sole.  I found them cooler than the Brooks.  Normally after 7 miles my shoes are wet – not so with the Bondis.  But here’s the best part.  Now I don’t know if it was the Bondi Bs, moving to a more neutral platform, or the Oreo cookies I had last night – but these shoes are FAST!  I took 15 seconds off my average split time, running the last three miles at a 5K pace!  All in all I found the Hoka One One Bondi Bs a  fabulous ride which has me really looking forward to my next run.  Thank you Fleet Feet!

Dave Lukasik Ph.D.

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