Hello 2015! It?s YOUR Year!


We have officially rung in 2015 and said goodbye to 2014.  With the coming of the new year, we often take a minute to reflect on the previous year and our accomplishments, and look forward to goals and resolutions of the year to come. Discussions around the shop arose about what we hope to accomplish this year not only in our training, but in our personal lives as well, and decided to share them with our community. 2014 was quite the year for us here at Fleet Feet and we are beyond excited for what 2015 has in store for us. We would also love to hear from you. What your goals are for the year? Whether it be training for a new distance, a race,  or if you have a goal outside of running you’d like to achieve, there is no goal too big for 2015! From all of us here at Fleet Feet Orlando, we hope you had a Safe New Year and wish you a prosperous 2015!

Planning on running your first 5k this year? Not sure where to start? Don’t forget that we offer the NoBoundaries 5k Training program. It’s a 10-week program through our store with certified coaches, informational sessions, and you finish by running a 5k! For more information, check out our training section on the website, or come to the Meet the Coach informational session on Wednesday January 21st at 6:45pm.

Staff Resolutions


“My personal New Years resolution is to be better as a than what I was in 2014 and to keep in contact more regularly with family and friends. In addition to my personal goals, I would like to also complete a Tough Mudder.” – Chris T.

“Academically: I’d like to be able to grow more as a professional (within my own field of education.) Also, I want to take myself out of the country for a month to acquire Spanish and be able to travel seeing how others live. This wiEPipernoll leave me feeling more prepared and confident in speaking Spanish to be able to teach it going into my internship; which as a result would be my “resolution”. Athletics: I plan to get back into running/cycling more by giving myself a more consistent schedule so it happens as a routine.” – Elizabeth P.


“I personally would like to stay in contact regularly with family. Also maybe to do another triathlon. Walk and play with my dogs more. Oh…and maybe take less selfies!” – Meghan L.


” I want to eat more green things, read more fiction and be more mindful of all the little moments in life. – Lauren L.”


“For cycling I would like to complete a 100 miles in one ride in 2015, For Running I would like to run a half in addition to my obstacle race and most importantly graduate from UCF in 2015!” – Chris P,


“Running – I have ran 3 halfs already in the past couple years and I would like to make that 6 by the end of the year. In my personal life – I try to take a big trip each year. Last year I went to Hawaii. This year I plan to go to Colorado and Arizona. Make it a goal to hike more and be more active with other outside activities rather than just running. Perfect for those states.” – A.J M.

JCrofoot“For 2015 running goals, I want to work towards pushing my body and mind to it limits. I want to start training for my first marathon by the end of this year (either for an end of year marathon or a beginning of next year). I would also like to try to spend more time on my training for half marathons-being more consistent, working more on form, and speed work etc. Personally, I want to try and work on my personal relationships more. Keeping in touch with people, being a better sister/daughter/friend. I also would like to work on my overall health by eating better,strength training etc. My last goal is to just relax a bit more and maybe read some books.” – Jess C.


As a running goal, I would like to complete a half marathon. That’s a long distance for me and I think it would be a great accomplishment. As far as personal goals go, I want to get better at creating relationships with people. I want to bring people joy at work, at church, and whoever I come in contact with basically. I guess to be more selfless in general and not sweat the small stuff.” – Abbey M.


“Last September, I became a volunteer with the “Stephen Siller – Tunnel to Towers” organization. In 2015, I am looking forward to assisting our local affiliate by increasing the number of participants in the 5K run at Cranes Roost in September 2015 .” – Jim R.


“After taking some time off to focus on being a mom, I would really like to get back into running again and hopefully run a half marathon by the end of the year. Personally, I would just like continue to be a good mom to my son Mayson and  be able to provide him with the best life possible.” – Korene H.

“I have a lot that I would like to accomplish personally this year. Starting with continuing my path of going into medicine and working towards getting into Physicians Assistant school either this fall or next. I would also like to travel more and just enjoy the small things in life with family and friends. As far as my running, I would like to be more consistent with my training, do a mud run this spring, and complete a few half marathons this fall.” – Kelley L.

” As a running goal I would like to just work twice as hard as I did last year. A personal resolution would be to spend more time with my family.” – Sinclaire J. 

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