Forget Minimal, Go Natural

Saucony’s new Natural Line, the Kinvara 3, the updated Mirage 3 and the NEW Virrata mark a new direction for the company. Responding to the running community’s demand for lighter “minimal” shoes, the Natural line gives everyone a taste of lower heel to toe offset (4mm for the Kinvara and Mirage and 0mm for the Virrata) but still provides protection for the small bones of the foot.

These shoes allow your foot to engage the ground in a more natural position and assist the runner in his or her quest for better foot strike and body position. The upside is that all of these shoes will support and cushion the foot, minimizing the chance for stress fractures that have been prevalent since the “barefoot” craze hit the ground. Literally.

The newly refitted Mirage 3 offers flexibility and some guidance for those needing a bit more support, the Kinvara 3 offers ultra-flexible action with an upper that moves with your foot, and the new Virrata is the lightest and most flexible training shoe with a zero drop built on 18mm of cushioned protection.


Go wild! Go natural! Go to Fleet Feet Sports and try out a pair today!

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