Fleet Feet Sports Orlando Press Statement regarding Boston Marathon

Fleet Feet Sports Orlando comments on Boston Marathon

baafallenApril 15th, Patriots day and the 117th running of the B.A.A. Boston Marathon. Our day began with sincere excitement over the events about to unfold for our Fleet Feet Family, friends and Training group members. Many of whom who have trained for years to be able to make it and qualify to be at the world”s greatest marathon. During the morning hours we provided a live broadcast of the marathon for our staff and our guests to watch and enjoy while visiting our store. We all were glued to the sights and sounds of joy and the entire time were tracking all of the people we know in attendance on line.

Knowing hundreds of people in attendance this year from around the country, it was almost immediate that information was being transferred to us from the finish line via Facebook of the explosions. During the afternoon hours we received multiple phone calls for comments from the press,  and while we wished we could open up and offer as much as we could, our first and foremost thoughts were on making sure all of our friends were accounted for and safe. By the evening hours the entire Fleet Feet Brand Family had communicated to each other about all participants being accounted for and for all of us a huge relief. These horrific terrorist acts in Boston have left our hearts broken for those families, friends and loved ones affected at the Boston Marathon.

The Fleet Feet Sports lifestyle is one that is served by the human capacity to achieve more and compassion and inspiration to help others. Fleet Feet Sports changes the lives of individuals by creating a culture of inclusiveness and belonging. The events that forever changed the Boston Marathon only serves as a reason for us to help show the world what it means to persevere and strap on our laces to make things happen in a big way for 2014. While any tragedy never serves the human spirit well, especially when it strikes the sport we love so much, It does bring out the best in all of us.

The President of Fleet Feet Inc. sent a memo to each of the independent franchisee owners last year and included a quote that I will probably never forget. “It’s easy to look at our lives backwards.  We have to live our lives forward.”  This is a new day, and all of our energy will be focused on moving forward. (Jeff phillips).

Today is that new day for the USA and all runners.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you affected by this horrific and senseless act.

Eric and Stacey Bartos – Owners

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