Asics GT 2000-3 : Where Structure Meets Cushion

Women's Asics GT 2000-3ASICS GT 2000-3

The lightest update in the shoe’s 20 year history, the GT 2000-3 provides the ultimate ride for mild to moderate overpronators. The new Heel Clutching System™ and Fluid Ride™ midsole allows for a lighter, more cushioned shoe. Gender specific cushioning in the Women’s model features a lower-density top layer in the midsole, allowing female athletes to better enjoy the benefits of midsole compression. Lighter, but with more cushioning, the GT 2000-3  will provide the ultimate ride for anyone looking for a comfortable yet supportive shoe. Veteran GT-2000 Runners will appreciate the added cushioning while still holding true to the supportive nature of the previous versions.

Staff Reviews: 

  • “The updated GT 2000 feels that it has a narrower heel than the previous version, but you don’t feel the seams while running – which I really liket! Feels good while running with nice support, and a semi-snug fit. Overall, I would say it’s a positive update.” – Jess C.
  • “Nice, I give it a B!” – Jim R.
  • “More mid-foot cushioning, but feels more stable throughout the entire shoe. This shoe still feels great in the heel and it still has that great Asics cushioning! I love the same great customized fit and feel in the heel, but the shoe just feels so much more stable all the way through. I feel like with this update, the shoe will go far!” – Meghan L.
  • “Snug fit, but with that same nice heel counter that gives a nice fitted feel in the heel. The 2000-3 has a softer feel overall, but now has a large bunion window which I think will be a great option for those who have bunions and are looking for a shoe to accommodate that.” – Korene H.
  • “Nice large bunion window on this update! Also, very supportive structured upper that just hugs the foot nicely. Cushioned, yet responsive this shoe has a nice fluid ride that will work well for those needing that little bit of extra support!” – Brendan M.
  • “Curved fit, but wider in the mid-foot than previous 2000 versions. Seems a little snugger in the toe box than previous versions. I noticed that this version has a nice big bunion window which will open up this shoe as an option for those who need extra space for that. Soft in the heel, but feels like it firms up for a responsive ride.” – Brian V.


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