2013 Resolution Runs

Happy 2013 to everyone and what a better way to kick it off than with a morning run! 

527339_10151056962006636_1430298388_nIt was wonderful seeing so many familiar faces and many new faces out on the road, track and trails this morning!  Whether it was an easy run, speed work-out, tempo, long run or even a relaxing stroll with friends and family, Seeing so many folks dedicated to the sport and to their health is always very heartwarming.  As we all know, runners come in all shapes and sizes and this morning’s running environment was no exception.  We’ll always see those uber-athletes we wish to emulate some day but the most inspirational to me have always been the children.  They are such a great reminder of why we all dedicate so much of our time to the sport we love (well, most of the time anyway).  Seeing their smiles as they wiz along without caring about what’s happening with their Garmin, how they are breathing, what’s happening with their form or that darned ITB acting up again reminds us that running is only as complicated as we make it.  Therefore my purpose for all this rambling is just to remind everyone that it’s okay to just go out there and have fun!  Keep the easy workouts just that, easy.  Enjoy it with friends and family.  Stop and smell the foliage and enjoy the wildlife.  This is what creates the lifestyle, not the race awards.

Let’s all make it our commitment to take a step back and remember why we all started running.  Be an ambassador for the sport naturally.  Your happiness will be contagious.

Stay Fit and Run With a Smile

George Meerdo
Contributing writer to the Local Running Scene

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