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I recently made a massive career change when I left the restaurant industry and moved into the running specialty retail industry. I spent the last 15 years managing restaurants, and the last six were as a general manager of a local craft beer pub. Having been in the restaurant industry for so long, I was growing tired of the late nights, high turnover, and long hours. It's not unusual for a shift to last longer than scheduled or be called in on a day off.

I started running in my late twenties as a way to combat everyday stressors and instantly fell in love with it.  During this time, I also became a certified personal trainer through ISSA.  I love going on hikes & runs through our local parks, mainly Edwin & Percy Warner. As my love for running and fitness grew, I started feeling a pull to find a job in the health & wellness industry so I could serve people in a way that fills my cup.

Fleet Feet is the place I bought my first pair of running-specific shoes. From the get-go, I was attracted to the positive atmosphere that encompasses the Fleet Feet brand. About a year ago, while I was hiking Percy Warner with my boyfriend, I came across a water stop for the Flying Monkey Marathon that was sponsored by Fleet Feet. I couldn't get the thought out of my head that working at Fleet Feet would be so fun because "you get to encourage and inspire people every day."

It's been almost three months since making the career change and the only thing I wish would have done differently, was making the move sooner. I love being surrounded by like-minded individuals who enjoy living an active lifestyle. I am able to have dinner at home every night with my boyfriend, which is something that I was not able to do previously. I have the ability to spend time with friends and family. I actually get to live life and before work was so consuming,  I didn't have a life/work balance.  I am able to serve people in a life-changing way, whether it's relieving pain an individual has been having or motivating someone who is just taking up the sport of running. As someone who wasn't a "born runner", being able to inspire the runner in everyone makes my day.  Changing careers was one of the best decisions I've made and I am looking forward to serving the Nashville community.

- Lindsey Jewel, Fit Specialist at Fleet Feet Nashville

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