True Love Through Running

The first time Bob and I met was in LA. We were both on a small advisory board for Asics. I was only 1 of 2 females and the youngest on a board full of veteran, male owners so I flew under the radar. Of course, everyone in the room knew Bob Kennedy.  The guy I’d once seen in Nike ads was now sitting across from me (sans gold chain, add grey hair). 

The following year, work brought us together at another vendor meeting - this time in Sonoma. I remember having a short conversation with Bob at one of the morning group runs. We didn’t interact much more than that during the week. The last evening of the trip we had assigned seating at dinner and Bob and I were seated side by side. Our dinner conversation continued back at our hotel lobby where we finally said our goodbyes around 3am. We’d be catching flights home shortly after - Bob to Indianapolis and me to Nashville. We exchanged phone numbers via email. 

We had a lot in common from running, running store ownership, our kids...but also divorce. I was in the thick of mine and his was final the year before.  It was comforting to find someone I could relate to on so many levels. 

Four months and many long phone calls after we had last seen each other, we decided we’d meet for dinner. I think we considered it more of a practice date to help us move through the awkwardness of the post-divorce dating scene. Besides, we lived 5 hours apart, had kids and stores that we were (and still are) 100% devoted to — so that would make actually dating a ridiculous thought. We met in Louisville since it was somewhat in the middle and because I could stay with my cousin. She’d take me to dinner and stay for drinks to confirm Bob wasn’t an ax-murderer.

One year after our Sonoma trip, Bob and I were full on dating. He invited me to run Rim to Rim to Rim in the Grand Canyon with him and 4 guy friends. Though it was a genuine offer to spend time together and share this incredible experience that he knew was on my bucket list, I definitely felt like I needed to prove myself. And I did. After powering through insane inclines and being the first in our group to finish, Bob proudly referred to me as a “mountain goat”. Who knew a girl would be so flattered by that?  

The sport of running has been incredibly generous to me. As a young girl, it gave me confidence and then afforded me a college education. As a career, running has provided for my family and now led me to my best friend. And since I’m a girl who believes the best days are ahead of us and not behind us, I’m certain there’s still more for me to discover through running. 
- Christi Beth Adams
Owner Fleet Feet Nashville

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