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Training Program Testimonials

Interested in joining one of our training programs, and want to hear firsthand from past participants?  Check out what some of our athletes have to say!

No Boundaries

I've always been pretty active growing up playing basketball and other sports. When I started college and after graduation starting my 'adult' job, I didn't focus on my active/fitness life. My mom started running in NH and pushed me to find a running group too. I did a little research and found No Boundaries (NOBO) and Fleetfeet.  Making new friends each session and building ongoing friendships with old friends from previous sessions (has been wonderful). NOBO is such a supportive community. We are all on that same struggle bus trying to reach our fitness goal. I enjoy helping push my group to strive harder, even if that means they move up groups.  You are a family, even though you may not be in the specific group with these people you see each other twice a week and become great friends. There is so much support.

~Bethanie P


After 22 years as a competitive rower, I decided to try something different, a new challenge. I began running to stay fit.  One day I decided to run trails at Percy Warner Park, and it was humbling to say the least, but I enjoyed the challenge. I decided to look into trail running groups and that is how I found the Dirtbags.  I began with the weekly Thursday group and then signed up for my first training program in the spring of 2017.  

The people involved in the program keep me coming back. The coaches and mentors are all very knowledgeable and well-accomplished athletes that can give you the training advice you need to improve.  The coaches taught me that training slow will make me faster. I have learned that running at a conservative pace is the key to accomplishing the longer distances and staying injury free.  In less than a year with the Dirtbags, I ran my first half marathon, marathon and ultra-marathon (50K).  The fact that I did progress in mileage I attribute to the Dirtbag training program.  I see runners of every skill level participating in the training program.  The training volume is very manageable and is tailored to the amount of time you can put in.  Also, there are people in the training group running at a wide range of paces which provides the opportunity to run with another Dirtbag on those longer group runs.

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