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Fleet Fleet Drops "Sports" and Reveals New Logo

Last week our Nashville team attended the Fleet Feet Brand Franchise Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

We educated ourselves on marketing, customer service, inventory management, and workplace culture.

But the biggest takeaway was our brand refresh.

We dropped the "Sports" from our name and created a new text logo. The logo now includes a symbol, referred to as the Fleet Feet torch, for the first time in our brand’s 42-year-old history.

The base of the logo symbolizes the spark of inspiration provided by Fleet Feet to runners, while the top portion represents the flames of commitment fanned by the brand through its staff, gear, and programs. But the torch also symbolizes an "F" if you look closely.

Inspire and empower are powerful words for change, and they remain at the heart of what Fleet Feet strives to do in our community every day. Guided by these words, we introduce a new symbol that represents our commitment to:

  • Inspire and empower the runner in everyone
  • Outfit all runners with gear, goals, and adventure
  • Spark a passion and fan the flames of commitment
  • Invite all those who wish to run, walk, or move, to come do so with us

In addition to inclusion of the torch symbol, the logo officially drops the word “Sports” from all branding. The refresh will feature prominently in the brand’s new digital campaign, “Let’s Go,” which will roll out across social media over the next several months.

This symbol—our torch—will light the way for what's to come, while staying true to the brand you know. We can't wait to introduce it to you in our store, on our runs, and during our events. Let's Go.