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"Endurance Gives Back" Initiative

 "Endurance Gives Back" is a charitable initiative by the endurance community in Nashville to give back to the city that provides so much to us. The objective will be to organize all of the running, cycling and swimming groups in town to donate the loose change in their car for one week out of every quarter. At the end of the week, the change will be collected by Fleet Feet Sports and Music That Moves and donated to a local Nashville charity. 

Your training group can participate by following these steps: 

1. Send an announcement to your group leading up to that week's meeting asking them to bring any loose change that they have laying around their houses or cars. 

2. Appoint a collection person for the end of the training session. 

3. Drop off the proceeds at Fleet Feet Sports Nashville during the week after the workout labeled "Endurance Gives Back" 

The first week of giving will take place from March 27th through April 2nd. The goal this week will be to provide funds for Amputee Blade Runners. These funds will provide a running prosthetic for an athlete that insurance will not cover. 

If you or your training group would like to participate, please email Hunter Hall at 

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