Are you staying HYDRATED?



With summer upon us, it's time to bust out the water bottles and hydration packs. Yes, it's important to stay hydrated year round, but in the warm weather it's even easier to become dehydrated while you're exercising outside.  Heat increases fluid loss through sweating. During moderate exercise in a cool climate, an average person can lose up to 1 cup or more per hour. 

Did you know dehydration is the leading cause of training injuries? Even when you don't feel thirsty, your muscles need water to function and to regulate blood flow, heartbeat and temperature. Dehydrated muscles are more prone to cramping!

Dehydration Is Bad

When you're dehydrated, exercise becomes even harder. Even mild dehydration..

How To Stay Hydrated?

When it comes to hydration, pretend you're a houseplant, not a desert cactus. Your body doesn't store water for later use, so you need to "water" yourself consistently. The average person needs 64oz of water a day to stay hydrated (that's equivalent to 8 glasses.) If you're exercising, you need even more! If you're going out for a run, aim for these numbers: 8-16oz about an hour before the run and 3-6oz about every 20 minutes. By staying hydrated, you will perform better, recover faster and avoid injury! 

Stop by the store and let one of our staffers help you choose the Nathan hydration gear that's right for you!

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