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The Power of Running to Inspire

The Power of Running to Inspire is a national nomination sponsored by Mizuno, that recognizes runners and extraordinary community or personal impacts resulting from those runners’ efforts or stories. Below, you will read about our local winner in Mount Pleasant, Noah Moore.


Noah Moore along with his wife Jennifer, and sons Peyton and Miles have inspired our team along with an entire community through running. Noah began his journey when his firstborn son Peyton was 2 years old. He lost his father that year, he was at his heaviest, unhealthy, and realized he needed to make a change so that he could enjoy his family and be there for them in the future. It took Noah several years to navigate the path to wellness but in September of 2007, he had found his direction…running. 

 In 2008, with his young son’s help he lost 100 pounds and improved his overall health. With Peyton by his side they continued to run and have many adventures that focused on fitness. One of those adventures was participating in the Marine Corps Marathon. In 2009 Noah, Jennifer and Peyton raised over $15,000 for the Semper Fi fund. On Marathon weekend, Jennifer ran the 10k, Peyton the kids run and Noah the marathon. The following year Noah and Peyton started a couch to 5k program where they passed on their love of running to others with the ultimate goal to promote health and wellness. Thanks to the “Moore On Running” program hundreds in the greater Charleston area have gone on to run their first 5k and continue their love of running.

Peyton not only loved to run with his dad but he loved to encourage and support other runners and did so regularly at races, during track meets he was participating in with the local track club and on many other occasions. On June 4, 2013 Peyton, age 9 tragically lost his life due to an epileptic seizure. The loss of their precious, only child, was devastating to Noah and his wife Jennifer.  They could have allowed this tragedy to break them, but they didn’t. Instead they did what they knew Peyton would want them to do and kept running, kept encouraging and inspiring the local community. The day following Peyton’s funeral over 300 local runners gathered with Noah’s couch to 5k group on their Sunday run in honor of this amazing family.


While our community still mourns the loss of this amazing boy, Peyton’s legacy lives on in multiple ways. Because of their love and dedication to running, yearly awards and scholarships are awarded in Peyton’s name promoting outstanding leadership, sportsmanship & dedication to physical fitness to kids in the community, track club and local schools. Noah now organizes a yearly charitable “wild and wacky 5k ultra” honoring his son and the sport of running, while raising money for the Semper Fi Fund, the local track club, and Peyton’s school. If you do not see Noah running, he will be the guy handing you water, organizing volunteers and cheering you on in local races. Noah used running for health, to inspire his family and others in the community and to deal with grief. He truly embodies the “Power Of Running To Inspire”.


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