THE DOC IS IN (1st in series)

Saturday, May 2nd from 12 to 2:PM at Fleet Feet Sports Montclair

Stop in for a stretch, quick advice or an evaluation.

princeton physical therapy groupMuscles Sore?  Feeling achy?  Are you wondering what Plantar Fasciiatis is and if you might have it?  Have you had a crazy little twinge in your knee and the term Runner's Knee is in the back of your mind?   You might be looking for ways to improve your performance or figure out the best exercise for your body.  Stop in to see our visiting physical therapist, Dr. Nicole Groszew, from Princeton Physical Therapy Group.   As part of our The Doc is In series Fleet Feet is partnering with local physicians to keep you healthy and active!  We have some wonderfully committed experts in our community and we're anxious to have you meet them.  THE DOC IS IN AT FLEET FEET!  

After consulting with the doctor, Fleet Feet will give you a 10% discount coupon for your specific doctor recommended products.

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