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Saucony ViZiPRO and Tips For Running In the Dark

With the leaves turning vibrant colors and a brisk breeze in the air, we are sadly faced with the fact that summer has officially come to a close. This means the good days of playing and being active outside, such as going for a run, early in the morning and late in the evening have been tucked away with our bathing suits and summer clothing. This time of year with the decreased hours of daylight, it kind of puts us in a funk, making it easier to come up with excuses not run like, "I'm too tired," or "It's too cold out." Don't let the excuse of, "It's too dark out," prevent you from doing what you enjoy.

Below are tips provided for running at night directly from Saucony's Blog article, "In Praise of Running at Night" written by Dimity McDowell. And once you get moving, body temperature will rise keeping you warm and feeling energized. So no excuses. Get out there and run. And be seen too!

  • Saucony Vizipro vest and jacketLight yourself with a headlamp, reflective apparel such as the Saucony ViZiPRO vests and jackets, blinking lights, and hits of reflectivity on your clothing from a range of angles and positions: front, back, sides, upper body, lower body. Cars won't be expecting you, so alert them brightly and in multiple ways of your presence.
  • Reflective hits are easier seen on moving parts like your arms, hands, legs and feet.
  • Safety in numbers. Recruit a buddy -- either the two- or four-legged type -- to run with you.
  • Go on the defense:  run against traffic, behind cars at intersections, and avoid areas that might not be super safe.
  • Tell or text someone your route, and when you expect to be back.
  • Carry your phone, and if you must listen to music, keep the volume low and use only one earbud.
  • Pay careful attention to footing. Curbs and cracks can be harder to navigate at night; slow down if need be.

No need to sacrifice performance for safety.

The ViZiPRO vest and jacket, manufactured by Saucony, is light-weight, wind and water resistant, and has a built-in, USB rechargeable, lighting on the left front and across the back. Now available at Fleet Feet Sports - Montclair.

Join us Thursday, October 17 at 6 PM for a great opportunity to wear test this product on a run for FREE!

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