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November is National Running Safety Month

Pub Run

We are kicking off this month of safety awareness with a 'Get Lit' Pub Run sponsored by NATHAN. Come 'Lit' wearing all of your reflective gear, blinking lights and brightest clothing. The person decked out in the most NATHAN reflective gear (strobe lights, heel spurs, arm bands, gloves, hats and handheld reflective bottles) will win a fantastic prize provided by NATHAN.

WHERE:  Just Jake's located at 30 Park Street, Montclair, New Jersey; we meet in the back room

WHEN:  Monday, November 4, 2013 at 6:30 PM

NOT PREPARED! RECEIVE 20% OFF NATHAN REFLECTIVE ACCESSORIES (lights, vests, heel spurs, arm bands, gloves, hats and handhelds) OCTOBER 21 THROUGH NOVEMBER 10. MENTION 'GET LIT' AT CHECKOUT.


  • 59,000:  the number of pedestrians injured by cars annually
  • Every 2 hours:  the frequency in which a pedestrian is struck and killed by a car
  • 6-9 p.m.:  the hours between which the most pedestrian fatalities occur
  • 195 feet:  the average distance it can take a car moving at 45 mph to stop


Nathan Driver Visibility







Have you ever wondered what drivers see when you are out running in the dark? Take a quick peak at a video of what it looks like here.


  • 360-degree reflectivity:  Ensures you will be visible from any direction--front, side, or back
  • Multiple reflective points:  Provides sources for light to reflect from at different heights
  • Retro-reflectivity:  Reflects light back directly to its source for stronger visibility
  • Active LED visibility:  Provides visibility no matter where or what type of light source exists
  • Colored LED lights:  Alert drivers as to which direction they are approaching you--from the front (white) or from behind (red)

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