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Balega Ultra Light Socks

Balega Ultralight Sock

Offer is Good August 1st through 31st 

"If you want a fit that feels like you slipped into a 'second skin' the Balega Ultralight is a great choice.  They don't bunch and they offer cushioning in the right places." Fleet Feet Wonder Woman Loren McCreesh

Balega Ultralight Details

1. Reinforced cushioned heel and toe for comfort and durability

2. Broad elastic arch support in both the arch and ankle firmly keeps the sock in place

3. Heel tab aids in preventing the sock slipping into your running shoe

4. Balega's Left/Right construction method ensures the perfect fit.

5. Sculptured mesh panels aid in ventilation.

6. Trademark Balega hand-linked seamless toe

7. Unique triple Y heel creates a heel pocket which is ergonomically formed to the actual shape of your heel. In essence, this creates a more formed and deeper heel pocket for ultimate fit and comfort.

Each foot contains 250,000 sweat glands.  The average human foot sweats one cup a day! (PS - this doesn't include running!) At Fleet Feet, we have a saying: "Cotton is Rotten." Imagine running in the summer heat, and sweating a cup in your running shoes. Cotton soaks up sweat like a bath towel, and then holds on to it while you run. In cotton socks, not only are you more prone to blisters, your feet also get hot and soggy!

We recommend high-quality non-cotton, moisture-wicking socks like Balega's Ultralight!

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