The Best Running Socks

A person putting on a pair of blue Balega Blister Resist socks

The best running socks for you are really a matter of opinion.

You have to consider different levels of cushion, taller or shorter lengths, and natural or synthetic fibers. With those three basic considerations taken care of, you can start to choose the socks that best fit your feet, style and running conditions.

Running a marathon? A high-cushion running sock can offer you a bit more comfort over the long haul. Hitting the trails? A quarter-length or crew cut sock will keep out dirt and debris better than a low-cut or no-show sock.

Like choosing the right running shoe for your unique foot and gait, though, there isn’t one best sock for everyone. Instead, there are plenty of durable, comfortable and high-quality socks to choose from.

Here are some of our favorite running socks that will get you through any run you can dream up.

Balega Hidden Comfort

There’s a reason the Balega Hidden Comfort is one of the best-selling running socks on the market, and the secret is in its name: comfort.

Balega spins the Hidden Comfort from premium, moisture-wicking fibers that make the sock super soft and keep your feet dry. Designers also gave it a high heel tab to keep your Achilles covered and made a seamless toe to prevent hot spots (and blisters).

But maybe our favorite part about the sock is the cushioning. The Hidden Comfort adds thick cushioning around your entire foot for a cozy and premium feel.


Balega Blister Resist

Nothing cuts a run short quite like a blister. Enter mohair.

Balega weaves natural mohair into the Blister Resist to give it a soft and smooth feel while making it more durable than standard socks. Plus, mohair has natural anti-microbial properties, meaning they’ll fight funk on their own without any added chemicals.

Another perk: The Blister Resist comes in no-show, quarter and crew lengths so you can find the right fit.


Feetures Elite

Feetures makes the Elite for both of your feet. The socks are made with specific left and right shapes that conform to each of your feet to prevent any extra bagginess, which can cause blisters.

The Elite also has a seamless toe that won’t irritate your digits, and it sports a high heel tab to keep the sock from slipping down into your shoe. Targeted compression and moisture-wicking fibers make the Elite a premium running sock.

We love that the Elite comes in multiple cushions—Ultra Light, Light and Max— and heights, as well as a merino wool version that naturally wicks sweat and wards off odor.


CEP Dynamic+ Ultralight

We love compression, and CEP knows how to bring the pressure.

CEP knit the Ultralight for the perfect amount of compression around the midfoot and a snug fit all over. The close fit means it doesn’t bunch up or slide around while you’re running, so you never have to stop and adjust your socks.

It’s also incredibly thin. We love how light and thin the Ultralight is, making it feel like a second skin.


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