Winter Warriors 2016-17

Program Dates: November 2016 - March 2017

Program Goals: Keep you active, outside and motivated with a group during the Idaho winter

Program Cost: $12.  Registration closes November 17th.

How the Program Works
The Winter Warrior Program is an incentive program to keep you active and outside enjoying the winter weather. Check-in and participate in weekly workouts and races to earn points. These points will earn prizes (and bragging rights) along the way. Let's layer up, lace up your trail shoes and have some fun this winter!

  • Attend any of Fleet Feet Sports or Team Run Boise weekly workouts and earn 5 POINTS every time you participate
  • Attend any of our approved winter races and receive 10 Points.

Prize Point Values 

50 points- Good Prize
75 points- Even Better Prize
100 points- Great Prize
125 points- Raffle for a super fantastic prize 

As a Winter Warrior you will receive:

  • Prizes and incentives for attending workouts and earning points
  • Fun events and themed workouts
  • A warm place to start and finish your workouts
  • Weeks of winter training to keep you motivated through the holidays and in shape for the spring
  • Exclusive Winter Warrior newsletters to keep you up-to-date with themed workouts and events
  • Camaraderie and support for workouts during the winter!

Questions about the Winter Warrior Program? Contact Winter Warrior Coordinator at

Winter Warrior Rules:

  • Once you sign up there is no opt out, you’re in! (Sorry No Refunds)
  • You are responsible for creating your FITVIL account. No account no points create your account here:
  • You must be responsible to check in via FITVIL with your scan tag or phone app to earn your points at Fleet Feet Sports Sponsored events and runs.
  • Any non-Fleet Feet event points must be reported via email by the following Monday by Noon to:
  • You MUST do the prescribed workout for the day – no checking in and heading off to do your own workout!
  • No starting early, nor late. A group workout means workout out with a group. Love each other!
  • For evening workouts we require a headlamp and reflective clothing!!! Bright colored clothing always recommended! Safety First! (You are subject to a point deduction if safety standards are not followed.)
  • Follow rules of the road and proper running etiquette at all times.
  • NO selling, buying, bartering, giving, donating, stealing, bargaining, haggling, negotiating, swapping, trading (or equivalent to these words) for points.
  • You must support each other through this endeavor…yes you can do the mini chastise because you have more points, but in a manner to entice the other to want more points.
  • You must have fun, fake it if you have to, but fun is to be had by ALL! 

The Winner Warrior Winner will be crowed at a ceremony at the Shamrock Shuffle.

Let’s all be Winter Warriors, so layer up, lace up your trail shoes, get your snowshoes ready and let’s have some fun this Winter!

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