Why Join the Village Fun Run?

What is so great about joining a social running group?  Here are just a few...

  1. Make tons of friends that have similar interests.
  2. Easy workout routine.
  3. Free coaching and motivation from fellow runners.
  4. Special discounts at your favorite restaurants and pubs.
  5. Accountability.
  6. You'll have fun.
  7. You'll get in shape.
  8. Win prizes from Fleet Feet Sports Meridian.
  9. Safety in numbers.
  10. Running relieves stress. 
  11. We are all in it together.
  12. Race days are way more fun with a big group.
  13. Find great physical therapists, trainers, and podiatrists.
  14. Guilt-free post run eating/drinking. 
  15. No jerks allowed.
  16. Gain special access to events and races.
  17. Share your achievement and difficulties with other members.
  18. Running makes you more healthy.
  19. Lose weight.
  20. Runners are better lovers.  Fact.
  21. Stronger heart and lungs.
  22. Gives you a(nother) great reason to have a beer on a Wednesday. 
  23. Kleiner Park is beautiful.
  24. Introduced to a whole new social circle.
  25. Cheaper and safer than an online dating website.
  26. Impress your friends and family with cool Instagram photos.
  27. Inspiration.

Did we miss a good reason to join?  Send it to me:  brandon@fleetfeetmeridian.com

On Wednesday, May 20th the weekly Village Fun Run will begin!  Meet at lululemon athletica at 5:30pm and then Kona Grill for Wine Down Wednesday.

Register today!

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