Reflection at the New Year: An Ode to Running

Reflection at the New Year: An Ode to Running

2022 is here - and with the New Year comes a time to reflect and rebuild perspective. In a year of transitions, adaptation and hope for a return of some version of the 'old normal', one thing we know has remained a constant: running. Whether by yourself or with several others as a Winter Warrior, we each have our own relationship with running. Some positive, some negative, maybe a little of both. Whatever it is to you, we are here to support it. Our Training Groups Manager, Steve Warrington, has a close relationship with running. Reflecting upon his experiences this year, he's written an ode to running, inspiring us all to lace up the shoes and say, "it's time to run."

Ode To Running


Early morning mists rise to greet the sun

Trails wet with dew of the passing night

There is but one choice

time to run


Trees pass on the left, to the right

Obstacles defying the way 

coming apparent in the early light


Straight path always to stray 

The world passes undone

Thoughts wander then vanish away


Mind, body, spirit they move as one

light beams break through 

There is but one choice

time to run.


Companions and self stay true

like the river moving we bound

constant as we move through

rhythm of steps upon the ground

this world disturbed by none

cacophony of earth the only sound


troubles faded away when done

miles passing unaware 

There is but one choice

time to run.


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