New 3d Foot Scanner - "Fit ID"

The future of shoe fitting technology has arrived at Fleet Feet Sports Meridian and its called Fit ID. 

The hardware is a simple platform that is about 1 inch off the ground with 4 pillars that house the four cameras on each corner.  The scan takes 3 seconds and seconds later a 3d image appears on an ipad and in your inbox.  The scan measures everything about your foot shape down to fractions of millimeters and then compares your measurements with the hundreds of thousands of other foot scans in the database. 

Why is this important?  If you have a wide forefoot and a narrow heel, the scanner will shoe us exactly how wide and how narrow and we can then select the shoes that will fit your feet the best with more accuracy.

Every shoe is made for a specific shaped foot.  Now, we have a tool that will create a map of every ones feet so we can more accurately find that perfect fit for each customer. 

Whether you are a dedicated Boise runner that consistently visits the Boise Greenbelt or a casual walker that circles the pond at Kleiner Park once a week, our new 3d  Fit ID is something you should really come and try out.

We are located in the Village at Meridian, behind Kona Grill, next to Hope Ave, and across from Gymboree.  208-888-0359

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