Idaho Dairy Council and Play 60

The United Dairymen of Idaho and the Idaho Dairy Council (IDC) is an incredible organization here in Idaho!  They will be providing the nutritional plan for the No Boundaries "Path to 5k" training program starting on July 11th.  We will be training to race in the FitOne 5k on September 26 and a good nutritional plan is essential to losing weight, building strength, and extending endurance. 

One of our passions at Fleet Feet Sports is inspiring youth to live more active and healthy lives.  The overall fitness levels of the majority of kids here in Idaho is improving and we wanted to help the progress continue.  That's when we found the IDC.  Little did we know, that the IDC "is dedicated to supporting the health of Idaho schools and communities" and has been supporting amazing PE teachers like Jenn at Ponderosa Elementary. 

Fuel Up to Play 60 is a for-youth, with-youth program empowering students to create healthy changes nationwide. The largest in-school wellness program was created by the National Dairy Council and National Football League in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Agriculture. School grants, exciting NFL rewards, a healthy eating and physical activity “Playbook” designed to help make schools healthier places to learn and be successful, and additional resources help make the customizable program easy for any school to implement, and any student to be engaged.

  • The program continues to grow and impact our nation’s youth, with 12 million students involved by participating in events, implementing Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Plays, tracking activity on and leading school-wide campaign efforts.
  • The program creates real behavior change, with more than 13 million kids eating healthier and nearly 16 million kids getting more physically active.
  • Nearly 115,000 adult stakeholders are enrolled in the program, and more than 45,000 schools have at least one adult actively helping to lead Fuel Up to Play 60.
  • 47% of adults believe the program is having a positive impact on students’ academic performance and 40% believe the program is having a positive impact on students’ behavior.

The IDC writes, "Schools are the perfect forum to educate our youth on the importance of consuming healthful, nutrient-rich foods, being physically active, and taking care of their health.   Research has shown that good health habits, including physical activity and consuming breakfast, lead to improved academic performance, improved memory and concentration, and decreased absences."

Kimberly and I could not agree more.  Which is why, we are pledging our support to the the PE teachers that are the "boots on the ground" and will be working with the IDC to find ways we can best support their efforts.   

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