FitOne Boise - "Path to 5k"

Fleet Feet Sports is proud to be supporting FitOne Boise, benefiting the St. Luke's Children's Hospital. Our No Boundaries "Path to 5k" training program will lead into the FitOne 5k Race on September 26!

There are always thousands of reasons we create to avoid these types of training programs.  Trust me, I have used all of them.  But, I know that the value of a healthy life is immeasurable.  When I sign up for these programs, I think of my family.  I believe that every workout, every run, every long walk, is not only adding days onto my life, but is improving the quality of my life.  It has been proven that exercise reduces stress and increases confidence.  We are happier when we run.  We are better parents, better students, better workers, better people, and yes even better lovers.  :)

But, its intimidating to try something new and unknown.  It takes courage to step outside of your comfort zone.  It takes commitment to finish the program.  But, we also know that this program is worth it.  Over 20,000 people have completed this program across the US and it is worth it! 

Take the first step toward a new healthy life.  Surround yourself with a community of people that understand.  Join No Boundaries and being your path to the FitOne 5k.

- Brandon

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