Faces of Fleet Feet: Lexy Swanson

We're excited to continue our "Faces of Fleet Feet" series featuring the wonderful staff that make our in-store atmosphere so special. These features serve to bridge the gap and make those faces you see in the store every day that much more familiar. If you haven't read the previous ones, be sure to check them out!

Today, we're excited to highlight outfitter and inventory specialist, Lexy Swanson.

How did you get started in run specialty (or at Fleet Feet)?
In February 2018, I came in to get fit for my very first pair of running shoes, and my outfitter happened to be Brenna. We really hit it off, and by the end of my fit, she mentioned that the store was hiring and that she thought I would be a great addition to the team!


What do you do outside of Fleet Feet?
I am a cheerleader at the College of Idaho. I love to run and lift weights, as well as go on hikes and read, when I have time!

What stands out to you about working at Fleet Feet?
In working at Fleet Feet, I have helped so many people who are in pain find relief and comfort, as well as helping athletes achieve their goals. I love feeling like I can make a difference for the people we work with.

What's your go-to shoe and why?
My all time favorite shoe is the On Cloudflyer because it is light, responsive, and supportive.

Do you have any exciting race stories or big running accomplishments?
In January 2017, my Papa, best friend, and inspiration, got in a life threatening accident. He was a triathlete before the accident, but he was especially passionate about running. Since I started walking when I was a kid, he has tried to get me to run with him, but I always thought I hated running, so I never entertained the thought. After his accident, my outlook changed; I realized that if he had to learn to simply walk again, let alone learn to run, then I could start running with him. Since then, I've trained and run two races with him. I have the privilege of having him as a coach and running partner.


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