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Big Run Training Program: Meet the Mentors

Today, we’re shining the spotlight on two remarkable individuals who are not just part of our Fleet Feet Meridian community but are the heart and soul of our Big Run Training Program. Meet Ebony and Sammy—our dedicated mentors who bring their passion and perseverance to every session, inspiring everyone around them.

Ebony's Journey to New Heights
Since the birth of her second son in October 2022, Ebony has been unstoppable. She’s not only juggled motherhood with her training but has also smashed personal records along the way. With three half marathons completed since then, including a personal best of 2:09:59, Ebony’s dedication is nothing short of inspiring. Her running resume boasts over 600 training miles, 10 sub-2-hour half marathon finishes, a podium spot back in 2018, and even four ultra-marathons. Ebony’s continuous pursuit of new challenges and commitment to training intelligently showcases her as a pillar of strength and motivation in our running community here in Boise.

Sammy's Transformative Journey
Sammy’s story is a powerful testament to the life-changing impact of embracing a healthy lifestyle and finding a supportive community. Starting her journey at 357 pounds and facing health challenges like prediabetes, Sammy turned her life around by losing an incredible 160 pounds and diving headfirst into the world of running. Through participating in Fleet Feet’s Winter Warriors program, she found more than just fitness; she discovered a family. This supportive network propelled her to conquer numerous half marathons and now, she’s on the path to her first full marathon. Sammy’s achievements and her infectious enthusiasm make her a true inspiration to everyone in the Treasure Valley running scene.

Both Ebony and Sammy exemplify what it means to lead by example. Their stories are not just about personal success but about their immense contribution to nurturing the spirit of our training programs. They show up, they motivate, and they genuinely care, making every training session with our Big Run Training Program an opportunity for growth and camaraderie.

Give a big cheer for Ebony and Sammy! Their dedication is what makes our community at Fleet Feet Meridian truly exceptional. Keep an eye out for this crew as they prepare for the upcoming Treasure Valley Rescue Run 5K/10K. It’s mentors like these who remind us that every step forward is a step toward achieving something great.

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