Best Running Shoes?

What is the best pair of running shoes?  Running magazines, Running websites, and Running reviewers will all create lists of the "best running shoes" and even come up with a TOP CHOICE for BEST RUNNING SHOE.  But this can be misleading for consumers.  A "best" shoe is only the "best" shoe if its right for your feet. This is why being professionally fit by a running specialty store is the best way to truly find YOUR best shoe.  At Fleet Feet Sports, we have a simple and effective process to determine the right shoe for you.  Click here for more information.

You may love a specific brand or model of shoes.  But, it is still important to get Fit every time the shoe gets updated!  The upper changes every year and the entire shoe changes every 2 years.  Yes, that latest Brooks Ghost or Brooks Adrenaline you are wearing today is a totally different shoe you started with 6 years ago.

Brands do not have specific characteristics like running short, narrow, wide, or have good or bad cushioning.  New Balance does not run wide; Nike does not run narrow.  Each brand is going to have models that are going to match different foot shapes.  The New Balance Zante runs much more narrow than the New Balance 880.  The Nike Vomero is more accommodating than the Nike Pegasus.  Good reasons to be fit for running shoes every time and to keep an open mind to new shoes.

Stop wearing the same running shoe everyday.  Many studies have proven that you have healthier feet and your shoes will last longer if you allow shoes to "rest" for at least 48 hours.  Feet work one specific way in a pair of shoes.  Many people that have worn the same style of shoes for long period of time will become dependent on that shoe's build.  When the shoe gets updated or they try a different model or brand, their feet become sore.  To avoid become "shoe dependent" rotate between 2-3 pairs of shoes.  Never become dependent on a product...well, Body Glide or Run Guard may be two exceptions...

Always have your feet measured. Your feet are a foot size and do not always match the shoe size.  Do not become wedded to a shoe size...all size 9.5 are the same. 

Find shoes that match your foot shape.  Shoes are made from molds called lasts.  A last is basically a mold of a foot.  This is why some running shoes fit instantly better than others.  The PL-1 Last that the New Balance 1080 was built on was a perfect fit for my foot for a long time...and then it updated and I switched to a Mizuno Rider, which actually fits my foot even better!  

Do not be scared to experiment.  Try new and special products like the Newton Running Shoes and Hoka One One Running Shoes.  You never know when you might find that you prefer more cushion on longer runs and a light and responsive shoe for your shorter runs.  You may love the Saucony Ride for your 5-8 milers but need to wear the Saucony Triumph on the 8-12 mile days. 

Lastly, being fit for a pair of running shoes is FREE.  This is a service that no online source, magazine, friend, uncle, etc can duplicate.  At Fleet Feet Sports we guarantee we will find you the right running shoe.  It is our promise!

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