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Winter Training Tips (Kind of...)

Winter Training Tips (Kind of...)

By Erik Johnson
February 1, 2016

There is no denying it anymore. It’s winter. And with 30 inches of snow on the ground, putting in a good run can become difficult if not impossible for a lot of us. To help you survive this tough season, I teamed up with my brother, Greg, to come up with some tips to help you get out there*.

1. Layering is crucial in cold weather. If you aren’t sure how many layers, a safe estimate is to take your age and cut it in half. For example, I am 22, so I am wearing 11 layers.


2. Running through knee deep snow can be difficult. Stop worrying about your pace and distance and just put a good effort in.


3. Facial hair is an acceptable substitute for buffs or neck gaiter.


4. If you really can’t get out there on a run, try using all those other muscles runners forget about and shovel some snow.


5. After your workout, there is no need to jump in an ice bath to help speed up recovery. Just jump in the snow!


6. Chocolate milk is great for recovery in the summer, but we prefer a more seasonal drink when the weather outside is frightful. You can even try adding a little something extra if you’d like.


7. If all else fails, you can burn those old race bibs and t-shirts you have lying around to warm yourself back up after running in the cold.


*disclaimer: Be safe and smart out there. The advice found in this post is not all sound advice. User discretion is advised.

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