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Ode to a Running Shoe

Ode to a Running Shoe

By Erik Johnson
February 28, 2016

If you haven’t noticed yet, we at Fleet Feet like running shoes. A lot. In fact you could probably say that we love them to an extent.

On quieter days in the store, I often wonder about this strange fascination I have with running shoes. Is this a learned trait, or is this something that I’ve maybe always had deep down in me? Is it in my nature, or has it been taught to me by coaches and fellow runners over the years?   

I know we aren’t the only ones who have felt as strongly about running shoes. There are millions of people out there just like us who get excited whenever a shoe updates or a new shoe is released. So, for all my  fellow running shoe addicts out there, I present my “Ode to a Running Shoe.”

Ode to a Running Shoe

Loyal and true through innumerable mile,
The sole soulmate of these lonely feet.
Constant companion through tears and trial,
My wisdom when rubber and road meet.
In quiescent silence bearing the weight
Of the secrets in which you I confide.
You do not judge my deep depravity.
You hold your tongue, though men may bait
For dirt held within your leather hide
Of my war with this world and gravity.

Our relationship has gone the distance.
Your neutral support is always there,
Allowing freedom, yet with enough resistance
To keep my arches in good repair.
I’ve watched you age from when we first met,
More beautiful now than ever before,
Your dark cheeks kissed by time and storm.
The impression of my weary soul is set,
Each day I run with you all the more,
In your sole where my callused sole is worn.

But soon your life has run its course,
The fibers of your being begin to tear.
I have no desire to make things worse,
Placing burdens you can no longer bear.
Be at rest now my faithful friend.
Be at peace, you’ve finished the race,
Your job is done and your work complete.
Another must now come, my heart to mend.
And steps we took alone I must retrace,
A new pair of shoes upon my feet.

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