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Kids Run HBG

Kids Run HBG

Fleet Feet picks up the tab.
At Fleet Feet Mechanicsburg, our mission is to help everyone experience the joy of running. To do this, one of our goals is to find ways to eliminate the obstacles many face when trying to start a healthy, running lifestyle. To that end, we are launching a project called Kids Run HBG. This is designed to allow any family in need to register children aged 10 and under for the Harrisburg Mile free of charge. If you are on a tight budget or know a family that is, use our free code to get into the YMCA Harrisburg Mile. It's as simple as that, no questions asked, just an opportunity to run. Furthermore, Fleet Feet Mechanicsburg will be offering a free training program, Speed Demons, that will prepare participants to compete in the Harrisburg Mile. This will further our mission and commitment to not only local children, but anyone wishing to participate. 

photo: Pennlive

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