What to Eat During Long Runs

It’s every runner’s favorite day of the week—long-run day! You’ve got your most cushioned pair of shoes on, your pump-up playlist blasting and your route mapped out. Nothing but you and the open road ahead, right? Not so fast. As it turns out, you need more than just good vibes and an awesome route to crush your long run. According to Roxanne Vogel, Nutrition and Performance Research Manager at GU Energy Labs, your body needs calories for any run longer than an hour.

But figuring out what type of fuel to consume during a long run can be tricky. The distance you’re running, your rate of perceived effort, your body’s ability to digest certain ingredients and even the weather can all play a role in what you should eat during long runs. We spoke with Vogel to answer these questions so you can avoid bonking on your next big adventure.


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