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Running Safely


Are you ever worried that you might trip and fall on a crack in the sidewalk as you run and walk in the dark this fall?  As we move towards winter,  the sun will continue to set earlier and earlier.  There is a very easy solution to keep you safe from tripping, as well as visible to traffic: HEADLAMPS!  You don't have to be a cave spelunker or a subterranean miner to get a lot of use out of these!  Light your own way in the dark with one of the multiple options we have at the store.  They also work to keep you safe while cycling, as well.   



This is one of the best ways to be seen by vehicles while you are doing your workout in the mornings or evenings.  There are several options - one with a pocket (that fits a cell phone & is pictured at the left!), one with blinky lights, and the original.  They are lightweight, adjustable, easy to pack, and a smart way to stay safe.  You'll also notice that the mentors will all be wearing reflective gear for our practices that take place in the dark.   


Feel free to stop in to the store and ask any staff member about different options this fall and winter to stay seen!

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