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Run and Recycle to Celebrate Earth Day

Run and Recycle to Celebrate Earth Day 

Unfortunately, your beloved running shoes will eventually wear out. But there's a way they can provide some more miles elsewhere! Instead of throwing them out, recycle them with us.  We partner with Sneaker Impact to take your old shoes and give them new life.  

Shoes that are gently used are sold to stores in developing countries at a fraction of the cost to support developing economies and provide cost-effective footwear to those who need them.  For the shoes that are past the point of no return, they're separated and ground up into reusable materials.  

During our last trip to Florida, we were able to stop by Sneaker Impact's headquarters and see how everything was done.  Their grinder uses AI to separate the shoe and grind up the foam and mesh parts on their own.  Here's what the end results look like.

Recycle your old running shoes at Fleet Feet Madison & Sun Prairie

If you have any shoes sitting in the back of your closet, consider recycling them with us, so they can go an extra mile or two. 

Learn more about Sneaker Impact by clicking their logo below!

Recycle your running shoes at Fleet Feet Madison & Sun Prairie

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