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Recruiting for Pacers

Become a Fleet Feet Pacer! 

We are currently recruiting pacers for our fall half and full marathon training program.  

We are looking for pace leaders for the Saturday long runs throughout the length of the 13 Week Program. Pacers are assigned to run a designated pace +/-:10 min/mile for the duration of the long runs on Saturday mornings at 7:00 a.m. If you have experience running various half and/or full marathons, enjoy motivating other runners, and are able to run with enthusiasm, dedication, and consistency please contact Megan.  We are seeking pacers between 8:30 min/mile - 12:30 min/mile. 

Program pacers receive free program entry (not including race entry), pace team perks, and the priceless feeling of helping your fellow runners achieve their goals! Pacers are required to attend a mandatory training session TBD before the training program begins. 

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