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Unfortunately, chafing is almost inevitable when you get sweaty and your skin starts to rub against your clothes or another part of your body while running. So, why not avoid it by putting on a skin protectant that glides on, prevents rubbing, is fragrance free, and can be used almost anywhere.


Fleet Feet Sports Madison carries three options.

Bodyglide is a non-petroleum based skin lubricant that is made of plant-derived ingredients and leaves no residue on your clothes.


RunGuard is a lubricant that can be used on your feet, legs, around the sports bra and around your neck if you are wearing a wetsuit. The men's RunGuard has aloe, beeswax, and organic carnauba. The women's has the addition of shea butter and jojoba oil.


NipGuards are an alternative for men that have severe chafing of the nipples. They are a product that stays on, unlike band-aids that continuously fall off.  They'll keep you protected for those long and cold runs.


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