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NOBO Mentor Kelly (KT)

Meet New Balance No Boundaries Mentor Kelly (KT)

As a frightened teen, I recall vividly the early morning training runs as an infantry soldier at Fort Benning, Georgia. Relatively chilly times accompanied by modest distances and screaming drill sergeants. Chilly mornings comparative to the scorching hot days. Screaming sergeants intending to break my spirit allowing its rebuilding through real achievement: achievement not realized without the direct support of my fellow soldiers, a community.

I can’t say this specific aggressive approach to helping others achieve goals is suitable for most. But what I can say, community is. A family filled with those who have and continue to experience common challenges and achievements. As a mentor I hope to foster a spirit of community by supporting each participant with authentic excitement for their efforts, encouragement to tackle their challenges, and empathy for their aches and pains. Of course along the way, I would love to offer a little direction, leadership, and teaching…. Praying that I don’t get my soldiers injured!

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