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Mizuno Breath Thermo

Product Spotlight: Mizuno Breath Thermo

For the dedicated, running isn't just a warm-weather sport. That's why Mizuno developed Breath Thermo, a revolutionary technology that keeps you warm even when mother nature turns down the temperatures.  


We started with a simple goal: create a lightweight fabric that could still keep runners warm. Breath Thermo is not a coating or treatment-it's a fiber that is knitted directly into all Breath Thermo products. That means it can't be washed off, and it doesn't lose its effectiveness over time. The fabric works by taking advantage of the water vapor you create as you run, walk, or play most any sport. Breath Thermo pulls this moisture away from your body to help keep you dry, and the special fibers in the fabric are activated by that moisture, literally generating heat that is directed back towards your body to keep you warm in just about any weather. And Breath Thermo is so lightweight and flexible, it's a pleasure to run in. So whatever the forecast says, with Breath Thermo, nothing will stand in the way of a great run.


Incredibly lightweight and resilient fabric. Converts moisture to heat to keep you warm.   Breath Thermo is utilized in a variety of pieces including hats, gloves, pants, and base-layers.



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