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For most of my life I hated running; I adamantly said, "I don't run."  I dreaded running the mile in gym class and still remember a time in middle school when someone stopped his basketball game to ask me if I was actually running. Then, in Fall 2010, one of my friends was training for a marathon and mentioned a 5K program called No Boundaries.  I went to the info meeting and was surprised by how friendly and accepting everyone was.  I was nervous, but I signed up, and I showed up for practice, and I ran, and I had fun, and I finished my first 5K!  My friends and family thought I was crazy, and brave, and even inspiring.  I could hardly believe what I had accomplished, and how great I felt even after the tough days. I was healthier and happier.  Then came winter and life had some hard times in store for me and my family, and I stopped running - I didn't think I could fit it in with everything else.  After a year and a half, I knew I had to start running again.  I joined Fall NoBo, then Winter NoBo (and really started to think I was crazy), and then signed up for the Force of Orange 10K program.  Again, I could hardly believe what I was doing - the girl who didn't run actually finished a 10K!  It still amazes me how one simple run can make so many things better.  Running changes everything!

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