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Guest Blog Behind the Lens: Focal Flame Photography

Behind the Lens: Focal Flame Photography

Our guest blog post is written by Focal Flame Photography

Guest Blog Behind the Lens Focal Flame PhotographyIf you’ve done a running or triathlon event in the area, you’re probably familiar with Focal Flame Photography. Proudly locally-owned, Focal Flame is a fixture at finish lines. After five years in business, over 130,000 individuals have passed by the lenses of Focal Flame photographers.

That’s over half the population of Madison. No wonder everyone we meet looks a little bit familiar by now.

But the origins of Focal Flame Photography reach back well before the company ever came into existence. Co-founders Clint Thayer and Robyn Perrin met in the fall of 1993, on the first day of college. (Yes, it’s that corny.) They married in 1998. Cycling shaped their lives together when they started road biking on a whim after a buddy invited them to a charity bike tour, eventually racing as a tandem team.

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