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Superfeet Green


Based on the principles of Podiatric medicine, Superfeet’s shape, design and manufacture have set the standard for support and earned over 40 U.S. and International patents along the way. Superfeet insoles help adapt the flat, 2-dimensional mid-soles of your footwear to your 3-dimensional foot. The distinct Superfeet shape helps to stabilize the foot, while the deep structured heel cup and full-length foam provide support and comfort.

Three Key’s to Every Superfeet Product:

  1. Structured Heel Cup: Encapsulates and positions the soft tissue under the heel , utilizing fatty pads for natural shock absorption
  2. Rearfoot Support: The support you feel towards the back of the arch and the front of your heel is the distinct Superfeet shape stabilizing the rearfoot
  3. Firm Stabilization: a firm foam layer and stabilizer cap combine and create the supportive shape that superfeet are known for

Superfeet focuses on supporting the rear foot because that is where the majority of foot motion (standing, walking, and running) originates. Most superfeet have an organic odor-control coating that helps eliminate bacteria growth.

Green Superfeet have the most shape and support of all the colors and can provide relief from such things as achilles tendonitis, plantar faciitis, shin splints, and just achy arches (to name a few).

AUGUST 8-9: SUPERFEET, GREEN INSOLES, $2 DONATION PER PAIR will go to our Power of Running Campaign designate Henry Vilas Zoo of Madison

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