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Garmin at Fleet Feet Sports

Garmin at Fleet Feet Sports

Garmin Forerunner 230 at Fleet Feet SportsForerunner 230

-GLONASS GPS receiver (Russians) plus US satellites…better all-around pick-up of satellite and less likely to drop. No influence on accuracy. Need to turn on this feature (will deplete battery life a bit when on). Nice when traveling. When turned on, locks into location much faster.

-Audio prompts on all 3 models
-More screen space.
-Bluetooth connection with smartphone
-Bike feature.
-VO2 max Estimate.
-Activity tracking.
-Connect IQ support (Garmin’s app store)
- Battery life of 16 hour training 5 week watch/activity tracking/notifications

Forerunner 235 = everything above, plus wrist Heart Rate Monitor

Forerunner 630 = everything above, but provides even more technical stats.

-Physiological measurements and when paired with HRM-Run gives vertical oscillation, ground contact time/balance, cadence, stride length, and vertical ratio. For that customer that wants to dive deeper into their runs and how they want them to be.

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