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Craft Active Baselayers

Craft Active & Active Extreme Baselayers

Both baselayers act like a second skin.  It's supposed to fit tight, but comfortable. The fabric is super stretchy, so it will fit many different body types. Both baselayers fit a little longer in the back, so they don't ride up during activity.

The difference between Active and Active Extreme is in the fabric weave. The Craft Active Extreme is built with Hexachannel Pro Cool fabric, identical to what you get in a summer-weight Pro Cool baselayer. This Hexachannel layer is paired with Craft's hollow-channeled Thermolite fabric to help trap in body heat on cool days. The Active Extreme will pretty much remove any moisture from your body during those EXTREME workouts. The Active Extreme was developed for the cross country skier that sweats heavily, but wants to stay completely dry. 

The Craft Active Crew-Neck will also do the same thing, but not quite as well as the Active Extreme, especially for those that sweat heavily. Come in and try them on!

Craft Active Baselayers at Fleet Feet Sports Madison