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Pam Egan
I am a “Pre-title Nine gal” born long before the implementation of equal rights for women in sports. I was always an active girl, loving the outdoors – biking, swimming, skating, skiing, running and walking from here to there. But no training or coaching to improve.....

Sue Wagner:
My running inspiration is my 25 year-old son, Brandon, who served our Country by joining the Army right after high school. Brandon endured a challenging deployment to Iraq. After seeing first-hand what he and his fellow Troops went through during the deployment I soon came to realize my life challenges were pale compared to theirs. When I look for inspiration during my running moments, or life in general, I think to myself “if my baby boy (he’d love to hear that term wouldn’t he) can endure the rigors of war, I can certainly get through my challenges.....

Mary Drifke:
I’ve been involved with the No Boundaries program either as a participant or mentor for 4 years. I heard about the program when a friend recommended I go there to buy a pair of shoes. It sounded like fun so I thought I’d give it a try. Who knew I’d end up loving to run at my age? (I’m not as young as I look…) Over the course of my time with the program I’ve met some amazing people – people I’ll be friends with for the rest of my life. Running is the thing that is our common bond regardless of where we’re from or where we are in our life.......

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