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Addaday Massage Chair

As runners, we all know that training can be hard on your body. The miles start adding up, as do the aches and pains. Sometimes, treating ourselves is a necessity. We now have just the tool for that: our new Addady Ironman massage chair.   

The chair starts by leaning you back in what is called a "zero gravity inversion". While you are not completely inverted, you will be leaning back in a position that takes the pressure off of your body. It then scans and maps your body, adjusting to your spinal curvature and height. That's when the relaxation begins and the chair begins using compression on the calves and arms, while rolling the rest of your body.

With multiple settings and intensities, we can help you work out all those knots and stiff spots, from your neck all the way down to the bottom of your feet. We can even adjust it to focus on the area of your choice. If that's not enough to get rid of the aches, we can add a little therapeutic heat to the massage and warm up those stiff muscles. Still not relaxed enough? Bring your phone in and you can Bluetooth your favorite music or podcast to the built in speakers. 

And now for the best part, 15 minutes of this relaxing massage will only cost $10. YES, ONLY $10! But wait, there's more...from now until the end of November 2019, that $10 will go to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. -Jeff

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