Preparing for Warmer Weather

As the winter months melt away, and spring begins to peek its head out, the fitness community can start shedding the layers and look forward to feeling the air on our legs and arms again! Even though the weather may not be sweltering yet, it is important to remember to stay hydrated throughout the weather change. While having the key footwear and apparel is important, hydration plays a key role in proper training! In the winter months, we are able to get by with less since the weather is mild, but with March and April on the way, it is necessary to up your hydration to keep in tune with the increasing temperatures!

Lack of hydration can lead to new pains throughout your normal routine, and a tight muscle is a thirsty muscle! Try adding electrolytes to your water. Natural hydration supplements, like Nuun, can be added to any water bottle and provide additional electrolytes without added sugar! Did I mention they taste delicious?! As the weather warms up, so do our bodies, so we need to treat them right!

A good indicator on your body's state of hydration is the color of your urination! Check out this handy chart, and get to hydrating!Urine Chart

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