Cumberland Trail 50k Donation

The Fleet Feet Knoxville Running Club is proud to announce their donation of $1364.25 to the Friends of the Cumberland Trail from the proceeds raised from the 2017 Cumberland Trail 50K race.

Runner running the Cumerland Trail Race

Runner racing the 2017 Cumberland Trail Race

Thanks to the efforts of race director Chelsie Vawter and their volunteers, the Cumberland Trail 50K race continues to support for the Cumberland Trail and its development. This donation is made to continue the Cumberland Trail 50K race as the official CT Trailhead adopter for the three trailheads that the race covers (Normal Road, Frenchman’s Grave, and Cave Branch Trailheads). 

3 pictures, left to right: the medal brand, a runner branding his wooden medal, the finished medal

Finisher branding his own medal at the finish line.

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