Conquering Fears and Becoming an IRONMAN

Conquering Fears and Becoming an IRONMAN

by Shameka Pollard

I don't even know where to begin. Somehow, I unknowingly embarked on a journey to my very first Half Ironman. It all started in September 2015 with the longest and most terrifying 300 yard pool swim at a reverse sprint triathlon. It took me 22:35 to swim 300 yards in a pool. That swim wiped me out physically and emotionally. I was a wreck the week leading to the swim, the day of the swim and even after. I was so happy I survived, but what I wanted more than anything was to arrive to race day without being terrified. I wanted to enjoy the race experience and just have the normal race day butterflies that come along with being excited and ready to race. 

Shamkea at the swim start

So began my journey to Augusta. It all started with our Fleet Feet coach, Shahin, "predicting" that I would finish a Half Ironman and it would be Augusta. I had just barely survived a 300 yard pool swim, and I thought he lost his mind. How would I ever swim 1.2 miles in a river?!?! READ MORE

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