On The Run With Dink - Fall Running


October is without a doubt my favorite month of the year. I have many reasons for loving October but let’s just take a look at October from a runner’s perspective.
Summer was long and hot for running. I know for a fact that my shoes could be completely soaked from sweat in less than 6 miles of running. Going for a long run, wet shoes was just part of the challenge. On some long runs, I can get a blister from time to time and I know it is just from the wet shoes. Dressing for the hot runs was a no brainer, just the bare minimal equipment is needed a long with a hand held water bottle.

Running in heat and humidity does affect most runners pace and the way they feel. You do get used to it but when October rolls around each year, things change. First of all, not only do the temperatures drop from the 90’s, the humidity also drops. The air is much dryer and the oxygen in the air is more available for us to breathe in. I have always felt like this is the month when running races is more enjoyable and your chance of running PR’s is more likely.

I can see the changes that October brings in the faces of runners. Their moods are happy, I see smiles on their faces. A renewed energy has returned into their legs. Long runs are much more tolerable. Shoes stay dry no matter how far you run. Clothes stay much dryer. Recovery is quicker. I even hear runners talking about how much better they feel now.

I have always said, Fall is like running with the air conditioning on. If you are a little chilly at the start of your runs, chances are you are going to feel wonderful 2 miles down the road. The sun is bright this time of year. The leaves on the trees are starting to fall and turn colors, I can get mesmerized when I look around the neighborhood on my morning runs here lately and I think to myself, what a wonderful day, I am so lucky to be out enjoying it. Sounds pretty simple, but I promise you, I do not take it for granted. These are some of life’s most simple pleasures but some of the ones I enjoy most.

Whether you are a seasoned runner or just beginning, take advantage of every day that October brings. Maybe run and extra mile on your long runs or add some speed training to your weekly schedule. Pick a race or two to run as well. If time permits, when you finish your runs, take a nice cool down walk and look around at what October has to offer, you may be surprised at what you find.

I will continue to enjoy the rest of this month. It is a wonderful month, my favorite by far. I have lots of memories from October and if I have my way, I will make many more. Take pleasure, appreciate and savor this month, it won’t be here much longer

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