Fleet Feet Hoboken Super Bowl Box Pool - Official Numbers

Here is the official Fleet Feet Super Bowl Box Pool! The numbers were randomly generated. Good luck!!

How does it work? There are a total of 100 boxes available. Each box will be associated with 2 numbers, both ranging from 0 to 9. One number corresponds to the Seahawks point total, and the other number corresponds to the Broncos point total. At the end of each quarter, the box that contains the 2nd digit of EACH team’s score wins the prize!

(If a team’s score at the end of a quarter is between 0 and 9, then that number will be the winning number for that team). For example, if the Seahawks are winning 17-14 at the half, box 7-Seahawks and 4-Broncos will win. And if the Seahawks are up 10 – 3 after 1 quarter, box 0 – Seahwaks and 3 – Broncos wins.


If you win, please stop by Fleet Feet to claim your prize. GOOD LUCK!! 

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